Kraków is a historic beautiful city, and rightly viewed by many of visitors as a “magical” one. It is located in the southern part of Poland on the Vistula River in a valley at the foot of the Carpathian Plateau. Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is located 300 km to the north and 100 km south are the majestic Tatra Mountains, forming the southern border of the country. Kraków has ca. 800 000 inhabitants and is capital of Lesser Poland Voivodeship (province).

The importance of education and culture to the city origins from its history: the cathedral school, established in 1150, remained the finest educational establishment in Poland for over 200 years before the foundation of the Kraków Academy (later Jagiellonian University) in 1364 by Kazimierz the Great. Now in Kraków there are eighteen state and private universities, which are home to over 130,000 students, making the city a great university centre in Poland and one of the most important in this part of Europe.

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